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Government Overreach Regarding Covid-19

I strongly oppose the Federal Government’s overreach into the lives of Idahoans— specifically pertaining to Covid-19. It is my belief that there is no place for government involvement in the personal health matters of you, your family, or mine.

Government Accountability

As current Chairman of the Eagle Fire District, and Eagle Fire Commissioner, I understand the inner workings of government. I promise to bring accountability and transparency to the State of Idaho. I promise to fight for fiscal responsibility in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing government spending.

Constitution and 2nd Amendment

I am a proud supporter of our Constitution and your 2nd amendment rights. I am a proud gun owner, and was raised around guns, and I’m an avid hunter in Idaho’s beautiful backcountry. As issues continue to rise internationally and in our own country, I will adamantly defend our fundamental constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Sanctity of Life

From conception until natural end, I believe that every human life matters. I am a pro-life candidate and support quality-of-life measures for our seniors. I strongly oppose abortion and doctor assisted suicide.


With 2 young children in the Idaho public school system, I understand the value of a quality curriculum and the retention of exceptional teachers. I believe that teachers are the building blocks of our children’s future and that every child deserves the opportunity for an education that gives them a competitive edge in preparing them for real world jobs. High academic standards with relevant classroom instruction is crucial in preparing the next generation for the challenges ahead and will better prepare them for college and a career.


Having grown up in Idaho, I realize the challenges that Idaho’s growth has had on our State and our infrastructure. I see the pain that our cities, counties and districts are experiencing in our struggle to manage this substantial growth. As Chairman of the Eagle Fire District, I have been successful in implementing Impact Fees so that new growth covers its own cost. I believe in managing this exponential growth in a way that pays for itself. As your Representative, I will work to bring this mindset to the State.

Public Lands & Natural Resources

Idahoans deserve access to our public lands. Our natural resources must be preserved for future generations. I believe that balance needs to be struck in finding innovative ways to manage these objectives while maintaining fiscal responsibility, and I am prepared to take on these challenges as your representative.


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