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Josh Tanner

For Eagle Fire Commissioner

About Me

I am currently an Eagle Fire Commissioner and also serving as the Chairman of the Eagle Fire District since 2018.  I moved to the city of Eagle when I was 2 years old and have loved growing up in this community. After getting married to my amazing wife, Dominique, we decided that Eagle was the place we wanted to raise our family.

I had my first job at True Value in downtown Eagle and started my first company here at the age of 23. I obtained my education at BSU and have earned several degrees, the most current being an Executive MBA. Currently, I have three successful businesses in Eagle and try to stay actively involved with all things going on locally and in my great community.

Why Im Running

My Grandfather, once he retired, devoted his time to the City of Eagle planning and zoning department helping create the Eagle that everyone has come to know and love. My Grandfather always told me to pay attention to who is elected and what decisions they are making. He said, “It only takes one bad egg to destroy something you love.” It wasn’t until my early 20’s that politics became a passion of mine. I’ve spent time sitting through city council meetings and following most legislation going on in our state. Once I was there listening to what was going on with our city and state, I learned there were a lot of issues and questionable decisions that were being made that were not in the best interest of myself and the other tax paying citizens. This is when I decided to run. I chose the Fire District because of the growth that Eagle was having and I wanted to make sure the taxes that were being paid were being spent in the most fiscally responsible way. My enthusiasm to lead and help others led me to run for public office, and I intend to continue serving the people in my state and community in a strong leadership role.

Accomplishments over the last 4 years as Eagle Fire Commissioner:

I have focused on making sure our liabilities have been funded with a focus on saving for future growth. This focus allowed us to not take a tax increase last year and the district and we were still able to put away a large sum for future growth.


Swift Water program: I helped push this program along and am proud to say that we have been able to implement this program for the citizens. As we are seeing more and more people enjoying the beautiful rivers going through Eagle, now the citizens can enjoy these rivers with the knowledge that the Fire District has the ability to deploy a rescue unit if they ever run into a problem.

Squad response model: We have adopted a Squad response model for quicker response to medical calls. After analyzing our call volume and the type of  calls we respond to the most, we found that about 80% of the calls are medical and with the growth we are seeing in this valley the call volume has increased substantially. With the squad we are able to use a smaller, more cost-effective, unit for response instead of using our large engine assets which have a high cost of maintenance and replacement cost. Over time this will save the district a huge amount of money as well as provide a quicker and better response to medical incidences.

Impact fees: This is something I have pushed on from the start as becoming commissioner. It is my thought that growth should pay for itself and should not be a continual burden on existing taxpayers that have paid into a system for a significant amount of time. This program will help fund new fire stations and apparatuses, so bonds don’t have to be used to fund the growth.

Foothills Rescue programs: This has been a program that has been needed for several years and with help from the new fire chief, Tyler Lewis, and a committee of fire fighters we have created a program that allows our district to serve all the trails for hiking and biking, as well as the green belt that connects this amazing city.

Completion of the dozer program: This program has been with the department before I became Commissioner, but after analyzing the ongoing cost of the program it made more sense to purchase the Dozer and a truck instead of short-term lease programs that have been done in the past. This has already proven to be a great financial investment for the department as well a necessary asset to protect all the people that have moved into communities in the foothills.

Building for the futures: This has been one of my main focuses when I became a Fire Commissioner: making sure we are planning for the futures, I have spent countless hours analyzing the districts finances for the past decade. I can say with confidence that we have been able to get this district in a strong position for the future of this department as well as put the right people into the right positions that care about this community and its citizens.